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Join us for a free educational workshop and learn how attorneys use estate planning to protect their clients, families, and assets.

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Estate Planning Workshop

Estate Planning Workshop

We offer FREE Estate and Financial Planning Workshops to the public and to allied professionals such as financial planners, CPA’s, and bankers, to teach the strategies attorneys use to protect their client’s families and their assets.

The foundation of our workshops is not to sell you on legal services it is to inform and educate you on your options so that you can make good decisions for yourself and your family’s future.

“Seven Unforeseen Threats To Your Family’s Estate Plan”

This Workshop covers frequently asked questions such as:

  • Will your estate plan properly protect your beneficiaries’ inheritance from in-laws, divorces, lawsuits, creditors, and government claims?
  • When you’re ill or disabled, will you be properly taken care of by the persons you choose, without going to Court and suffering unnecessary delays and attorney fees?
  • Will your loved ones’ inheritance be put to good use, such as completing their higher education, starting a career or business, buying a home, and helping their children do the same, rather than being squandered?
  • Are your IRAs and company retirement plans properly protected so they may provide tax free growth and much needed retirement income for your loved ones?
  • Does your plan, if you have one, contain special provisions to protect you and your loved ones from being wiped out by nursing home bills?
  • What can go wrong with the internet, do-it yourself, or bargain priced attorney plans?
  • Is a Will or even a Trust a complete estate plan?
  • What questions should you ask when choosing your estate planning attorney?
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